Dog and Cat


24 Hour Monitoring

Going away on vacation? Send your pet on a holiday with us! We keep all boarding pets on their own diet; as such we ask that you bring your pets food as well as any treats you would like us to give them. We provide comfortable bedding should you forget or choose not to bring your pets own bed. We kennel during the night so that your beloved pet has down time from an exhausting day of play; this will give them an opportunity to relax in their own private den and to enjoy a chew toy or treat brought from home.

We are located just off of Deerfoot Trail and McKnight Blvd on 44 Ave N.E. just minutes away from the Calgary Airport. Drop off times are regular business hours. Day rate applies no matter what time your drop your pet off. We recommend bringing your pet as early as possible so that he/she has a chance to meet some friends and have a good play before bedtime.

Boarding fills up quickly, and there are times when we have waiting lists, therefore we require 48 hours notice to cancel your petss vacation. In some instances i.e. Christmas and New Year peak period we require a non-refundable deposit to hold your dogs reservation.



Kitty Hotel

Our kitty hotel is top notch. It is climate controlled, includes a play area with natural light, room service, and of course one-on-one time with out wonderful staff.


Your pets health is very important to us! At Dogaholics we have very high standards to ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment. Please consult your veterinarian as to the recommended vaccination treatments your dog will need. We also HIGHLY recommend that your pet be treated monthly with topical treatments of Revolution or Advantage Multi. These are flea, tick, mite, and lice treatments. We recommend speaking with your vet about these treatments. Prior to accepting your dog into our facility, proof of vaccinations or titer tests will be required. Puppies are also required to have two sets of shots; however, we recommend you seek your veterinarians recommendations prior to bringing your puppy to daycare. All dogs must be spayed or neutered at 6 to 8 months to participate in our daycare or to use our boarding services.

Safety & Security

For the safety and security of all our daycare and boarding dogs we must be informed of temporary and/or permanent arrangements for drop off and pick up of your dog from Dogaholics. We must be made aware of the persons name and contact number for changes for pick up. No dog will be released until we have confirmation from the owner of the dog. Identification will be required.

New Client Form

We require all our valued clients to complete a new client form prior to using our services.